Sennheiser e 845
Sennheiser e 845

e 845, Dynamic Microphone from Sennheiser in the evolution 800 series.

Phil845 03/24/2003

Sennheiser e 845 : Phil845's user review


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It is a supercardioid dynamic microphone intended to be sung
Bandwidth: 40Hz 16 kHz
Its design is very robust and enjoyable handling.


I use the microwave for 2 years now and sometimes rpeter in concert.
It REPRESENTATIVES me a quality alternative to the SM58. Regarding the sound, I must say even possder 2, I prfre the sennheiser (her very little color.
It provides a bit more gain, and most importantly, I find its best Dfine, giving a better voice intelligibility.
It rvle however, a little more sensitive to feedback that the SM58, and can therefore be used in more difficult conditions.
For a price infrieur in SM58 (about 130E 110E against) the ratio of qualitprix E845 is excellent, and it's not that I would do hsiter choice.
But in its Contents, everyone has their preferences, and a microphone that will suit one may not please another, it is therefore essential, before you buy, try the diff ent MODELS. But if you want acqurir a microphone in this price range and compltement You are not convinced by the SM58, it's a safe bet that you will drive to the E845. But in any case, try before you decide.