jarvis_steven 09/05/2014

Shure SM48 : jarvis_steven's user review

« One of my favorite microphones. But it isn't for everyone. »

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The SM48 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response ranging from 70 to 15,000 Hz. Supposedly, it is best suited for backing vocals or spoken word. The frequency response(in comparison with other microphones) does tend to support the claim.


I have found myself in many situations in which a more specific response like the one that this microphone provides, is actually much more desired. If you are in a particular room that is more susceptible to bad low end background noise, for example.

Being a home studio owner, and one that has gone from nothing but a handheld tape recorder to a fully functional, almost completely analog studio(I still prefer burning CD's! Sorry!), I have found uses for microphones that range all over the spectrum. This one in particular for the times in which I am stuck in a less than desirable room.

Even before any real knowledge of audio or sound waves or frequencies had been gained, I found myself with this microphone being my personal first pick for live settings. Again, something about where the frequency range sits, really tends to fit my ears.


I can't find much to dislike about it. It can take a beating. It sounds great. It is reliable. Most Shure microphones are exactly the same. Reliable and rugged. I love it. The biggest con(if you could call it one) is of course it's particular frequency response and the possibility of being disappointed with it. If you want a delicious and colorful full range to be perfectly captured, it shouldn't be the first pick.

The pros, however, include the incredible price point. I'd buy these in bulk if I could. They are cheap, and survive everything that is thrown at them. The range is perfect for my voice. It isn't great for everyone's, but neither is my voice.

I suppose that I view microphones as instruments. And, as such, each has it's own personality.