stompboxjon 04/12/2012

Shure SM48 : stompboxjon's user review

« great for home recordings »

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The sM48 is a Vocal Microphone that is very affordable. This is the mic that most people can get almost anywhere and it became a household mic that everyone loves. It will give you great recording quality no matter what your personal set up is. Unless your recording in a room with no acoustics (furniture, etc..) then this mic will do the job great for you and without spending a fortune.


It has a great frequency response especially for the ranging lead vocals that most cheaper mic struggle to pick up a clean sound with. With the SM 48 you wont have cut off much of the low or high end frequencies with mixing. Maybe just a little bit just to clean it up in the overall mix before you master. But it will give you warm rich vocals. Even with backing vocals and harmonies, it will provide a great warm natural sound.

The SM48 comes with a shock mounted cartridge and a built in pop filter. So if you are standing at a good distance from it you wont need to purchase an external pop filter. Just get a good stand and you can start recording full great songs right from home. Not demo rough drafts, im talking the full songs!

Overall, great mic and its very rugged and can take a beaten like most shure mics can. There is just something about shure mics that we all love. it’s the quality and price that is unbeatable. The Shure SM 48 is a standard mic for all at home recording artist. Make this your first mic, it will build the foundation for your great recordings especially if you are good at mixing and mastering then you will need a mic that provides great quality from the jump! You definitely want to purchase this mic, its tailored for vocals and its almost like they made it for the people that are on a budget and record at home. Thumbs up to shure!