Shure SM57
Shure SM57

SM57, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

riles 02/08/2013

Shure SM57 : riles's user review

«  A good basic, basic »

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Cardioid microphone electrodynamics.


For almost 20 years I use SM57. With its companion SM58 is probably the most common micro world. This hegemony is not misused because these two microphones are reliable and make a sound less correct in all circumstances. However, I do not know a single application where the SM57 is my best choice. For me, the SM57 is a spare.
The SM57 has something slimy in the upper midrange. On hand percussion (congas), I feel that the finger sticks to the skin. It does not return the presence with high fidelity, it is diluted in a little time, making it last longer, so you can hear better but it is less clear. On dense sounds in this register (saturated guitar), it becomes quite fast aggressive.
On a saxophone in concert to choose between SM57 and SM58, SM58, which I take is thinner in the midrange. A snare I rather to the M201 or M88 Beyerdynamic home.
Despite these criticisms, the SM57 is a basic tool that always gave me a usable result.