Shure SM58
Shure SM58

SM58, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.

RickD 10/12/2012

Shure SM58 : RickD's user review

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It is a dynamic mic, not much to say.
No switch, nothing.
Frankly limited bandwidth.
I put 3 points because it is strong.


I have owned various dynamic microphones because at the time I was young and stupid and I trusted the press. See my old gear on my profile.
When I realized he was listening to his own ears and in general other are not very demanding and quite packed I stopped buying anything.

I had the Sennheiser BF-812 (better but not great), a micro brand LEM fairly low but not much worse than the SM58, and I had a lot of static hands: I TODAY 'Today that good microphones (AKG C3000, Rode NT3, M-Audio Sputnik and ...

A dynamic ... cheaper than the SM58 and much higher: the AKD D5.

In fact I quickly sold my SM58 and SM57 I would buy one, archi versatile, can be used for voice but also on guitar, drums ...
So I go to my favorite retailer in Pigalle (Paris), or JVV Audio Partners, a small shop apart from others Avenue Trudaine, but good prices and above all the good advice.
The seller asks me if I know the illico AKG D5: I do not know. He said, "I listen to both, the SM58 is 25% more expensive, you try them both and see you. All my clients who have tried both left with the D5."
Having confidence and being pressed I took the D5.

Later I compared it to a friend SM58 singer on a powered speaker: DAY AND NIGHT. The SM58 is dull, no definition is sorely lacking in presence, and is more sensitive to feedback.
In short, for me there is a deaf man who will not make the difference, and for € 90 instead of € 117 should be a bit more idiot.

The AKG D5 to record in the studio without too Souffir sound "live" immediately mark it on SM58 because the sound of the SM58 is so poor and lacks treble.

That's it. I hope I was clear. There is that conformity can explain that turns to a SM58 aujourd'jui. Would be really naive and not very curious to think that there has been no better since that time. And it is expensive precisely because it is known, is all.
We find this kind of bad products overpriced in other areas, of course: Rickenbacker guitars, the Yamaha NS-10 speakers that everyone recognized and therefore everybody wants ...

LISTEN and do not turn to the best-known products, they are almost never the best and are often expensive.