Shure SM58
Shure SM58

SM58, Dynamic Microphone from Shure in the SM series.


Shure SM58 : Anonymous 's user review

« You can never go wrong. But you can certainly go more right. »

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Ahhh. The legendary Shure SM58. Venerated by anybody to ever take any interest in microphones ever. If you have ever sung on stage, it has probably been into a Shure SM58.

The reason for this is simple: it just works. The Shure SM58 has a very solid reputation of being able to sound good on almost any source imaginable, take the place of a hockey puck for five minutes, (I'm serious. Look up the video. People have taken slap shots at the Shure SM58 while it was plugged in, and use it afterwards) and still keep chugging for years. No matter how bad it may end up looking, it will continue to sound good for years and years and years to come.

This isn't to say that the Shure SM58 is the end all be all of all microphones ever. There have been several much more specialized and technologically advanced microphones that have been invented and relied upon ever since the first Shure SM58's rolled off the production line.

The Sennheiser 835's, the EV N/D series, the Heil live microphones. These microphones in my opinion, at least on my voice (high baritone, relatively rich in comparison to most pop and rock singers), are far superior to the midranged focused, honky microphone in the Shure SM58.

However, I will never gripe and moan about having to ever sing into one. Anyone who would ever doing that would be setting him or herself up for a lot of disappointment in life. The reason that these continue to roll off the production line despite Shure's revision and "successor" in the Shure Beta 58 is because of this one simple fact:

Shure just got it right that time.


If you've never owned a microphone before, there is no reason for anyone to ever pass up the SM58. This is because you will never be short of advice or opinions on how to squeeze every ounce of quality out of it.

So for $100 new, you are setting yourself up for a lot of joy in the Shure SM58. I fully and utterly recommend it, no matter what you're doing. You may not always be getting the cream of the crop in every application, but it will never actually fail you. Ever.