Image Line Gross Beat
Image Line Gross Beat

Gross Beat, Effect sequencer from Image Line.

Los Teignos 12/09/2012

Image Line Gross Beat : Los Teignos's user review

«  A nice box of tricks »

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The plug is only 32 bit and Windows: Mac users, go your way ... This is unfortunate for the one as for the other


I use it in Cubase Studio One 2.5 and 6.5 without too much hassle 64-bit via jBridge.


I received a promo period to acquire and I do not regret the thirty euros it has cost me. In fact, it is a great tool to bring a little life in a way a bit linear, either at the scratch that I find particularly realistic, Trance Gate or the different effects of Tape Start / Stop and Speed reading. Based on a system of patterns programmable plug is playable live and relatively easy to configure. But the laziest may already full fair thing with the factory presets. In short, I thoroughly recommend, pending Imagine Line finally passes the 64-bit and Mac ...