Ibanez Electric Basses user reviews

  • Ibanez BTB400QM

    Ibanez BTB400QM - "Ibanez BTB400QM"


    Bought it 2nd hand off Ebay for £205, a complete bargin if you consider the retail price is around £360! First of all, it looks stunning!!! when i first saw it, i instantly fell in love cause the shape & finish are just so smooth & still maintains a…

  • Ibanez GSR200

    Ibanez GSR200 - "Ibanez GSR 200"


    I Have been playing bass for only one year. In my year of playing i have been in a band gor 4 months and all i do is play. Since I have only played bass for a year my knowledge of the insturment is limited. But over the year of playing i feel like i…

  • Ibanez BTB1006E

    Ibanez BTB1006E - "Ibanez BTB 1006E"


    Bass player 5 yrs. Alt/Contemp.Christian Band & also church worship band jazz, alt, rock, classical, gospel, I like it all at times Got it on Ebay for $611.00. I couldn't believe the price. I've wanted one of these for a looong time. It was wor…

  • Ibanez GSR200

    Ibanez GSR200 - "Ibanez GSR 200"


    when i decided to play bass all my friends automatically recommended the gsr200 so i went to my local musica store and bought one and it only cost $214 its so light and,it has a nice clean sound,and its a beautiful bass in general. it does buzz on …

  • Ibanez SR705

    Ibanez SR705 - "Ibanez SR 705"


    I accquired this from a london music shop for £480 I love the way this bass looks, its dark oil finish and black hardware make it look very classy, and its light, balances well, and the has a nice flat slim low profile neck and the fact its made in …

  • Ibanez EDA905

    Ibanez EDA905 - "Ibanez EDA 905"


    Got this amzing beast for £500 from a music shop in England. Wanted a decent bass to progress on. The color is orange. The shape is wierd, but is so easy to get on with - is lightweight, fits well to your body, the neck is slim and really easy to pl…

  • Ibanez SR705

    Ibanez SR705 - "Ibanez Sr 705"


    i got this from my local music shop, it cost me £479 as far as i know ibanez dont make the sr 705 anymore, i was lucky to find it in a shop, basically it had sat in the cellar and was forgotten about, i love the dark mahogany finish and the black …

  • Ibanez SR305DX

    Ibanez SR305DX - "Ibanez SR305DX"


    Bought it in Greece at local Ibanez dealer for 320 Euros... Great price for a bass like this! Really liked an older one from Ibanez (765JM). Terrific color! Anyway, I just got this one which is about two times cheaper and looks like it. Actually, I n…

  • Ibanez GSR205

    Ibanez GSR205 - "Ibanez GSR205"


    paid 199 pounds from merchant city music this thing grows on you,build quality is excellent the metalware is great,and you will hear the neck is great >> its more its blissfull to play,the phat system and the range of dull thud to tin metal tones is…

  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "Ibanez EDB 605"


    I got this little mama from my first big purchase off eBay, and I paid 500 Australian for it second hand with a Gator hardcase. I wanted to move into progressive rock and I don't think proggies know 4-string basses exist. The bass and hardcase were…