Cort B5 FL
Cort B5 FL

B5 FL, Electric Fretless Bass from Cort in the Artisan series.

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NicoMetal85 11/05/2009

Cort B5 FL : NicoMetal85's user review


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* Low "Made in Korea"

* Handle Fretless (no key) equivalent to 24 cases

* No freight just marks on the top of the neck! + specific landmarks that I could see on a fretless

* Bartolini active pickups, everything is saying! MK1 Model

* Setting selection of microphones, volume, tonamitées


* Handle super nice and very late for a 5 string!

* Ergonomics very good! not so heavy that it's stupid! everything has been designed for outstanding comfort!

* Access to acute very easy! and it still sounds very bottom!

* You roll a great sound without cramming too! Barto shit I still cie! unbelievable for this price! I play with fingers and it meets wicked!


* The fretless is often the jazzeaux is not it? bah I use it in an heavy metal band with symphonic singer! and I must say that I know of guys in this style fretless! it gives me the pieces sonoritées giving all their fullness and a touch 'Arabist

* I get a very powerful sound! but very easy to adjust the pickups and saw my Hartke head! to tell you, impossible to play a + 2 out of my head 350 w!

* I play withthe natural sound of the Hartke amp 2 corp, I just used an old Zoom 606 per ride for my lead bass! It serves me as a tuner! post a disto and play with a pick on what kind of bass would be an insult!

* The sonoritées are so vast that you can do it all!


* I have used it for one month to replace my old 5-string fretless Jack & Danny very well yet! I bought 300 € to OCCAZ via ads on this site!
Without you lying low this is one of the best fretless that exists at any point! she sleeps even low to 2000 €! sound microphones strong, clean and sound violoning had his name all sufrages wins! Do not do shit to try other styles!
The strings are very close and for lead is perfection! to note that you can switch to passive by moving a switch on the bass!
It is more than natural wood colors of the most beautiful effect!

I do it again without hesitation that choice! I fell in love!

you can see the pictures on the website of my band HOLY GHOST