Cort B5 FL
Cort B5 FL

B5 FL, Electric Fretless Bass from Cort in the Artisan series.

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alex83pearl 12/06/2006

Cort B5 FL : alex83pearl's user review


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- Rosewood 24 frets
- 2 Bartolini MK1 pickups
- Active Electronics
- 3-band EQ
- Switch Active / Passive
- Pickup selector (knob)
- Bridge EB12
- Black hardware
For the price there is nothing to say, the switch active / passive is greatly apprciable, but be careful not to let the lower branch APRS use, because even in passive mode, the battery consumes ca! (Ed. panic one morning and I find it without having his APRS sleep 3 days left arm ...)


Channel enjoyable, non Frets drawings (ca ...), good shape ear microphones of origin.
CHAC is easy to acute, the weight is is standard, on the other hand is not easy to get good sound at all beginners (fretless requires ...), but it's the same on all fretless .. I personally find the position right hand is really enjoyable.
Slap almost avoided, otherwise not get the top top and damaging the handle ... (At same time if a fretless c t'achte not to slap ...)


I agree my personal bass Do Sol Mi R, frankly that makes him a serious condition do not take too thin (28 trs is good).
I play funk and so far no soushi!
I have a Fender 15 "Rumble 100w which is suitable for heat.
Gnral the grain is really nice, ca APRS dpend lot of strings.
We keep a good DEFINITIONS sound at all levels and rglages, the whole is enjoyable.


For the price, it's rare to find this quality l. ..
It's been 1 year I use it and it sounds solid. What you ask for?
What is rare is to find a 5 string fretless, and it is true that unless you spend a hundred miles and are found not to + or-600 ...
Personal I t surprised by the quality for the price gnrale is when even a low-midrange that sounds like a bass at least 500 more.
Trs good choice for those who want to tackle the 5 string fretless.
Exp I would do with that choice, even if the offer is frankly a limit for 5-string fretless mid-range ... (Nothing in Ibanez, nada Yamaha, Fender is not talking about ...)