Cort B5 FL
Cort B5 FL

B5 FL, Electric Fretless Bass from Cort in the Artisan series.

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Cort B5 FL : Anonymous 's user review


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- Made in Korea,
- Finish "orange sunburst" (lightweight) translucent
- Body made of several spices of frne assembled,
- Handle wenge, rosewood fingerboard,
- Active pickups Bartolini Mk1,
- Bartolini prampli legalization with three bands,
- Mcaniques oil bath
- Impeccable finish, nothing wrong.

=> The mcaniques NCESS have a bit of a screwdriver to keep the agreement, although they seemed minor but ultimately rsistent trs well since 2003 ...


- Despite the end of round five strings, although DGIG in acute
- Reasonable weight.

=> This bass is one of those that took over easily without asking any questions mtaphysique, ergonomics is great and fun game IMMEDIATE. Lgre with a handle end, it is played without fatigue than sitting upright as well. I use only the fingers in play "normal" or slap and this poses no particular problem.


- Uses a branch in BlueMax compressor scne both in the studio,
- SETTING THE trs compression light so as not to dnaturer the game

=> The electronic equipment Bartolini satisfy me completely, c'tait exactly the style I was looking for his sweet, balanced it's velvet. This fretless can be used in quite a situation and provide thundering about the results in styles o is not expected.


=> I used this bass live some time without ever having the need to take a "backup" and continues to use rgulirement recording. It is, of all my basses, which I prfre for exemplary ergonomics and weight reasonable. I have read many opinions on this ngatifs MODEL dplore but not problem therein evokes: it does not fall into ruin after a few months, do dr rule no Manir systmatique and continues to operate normally without having had to replace all the ds Premire minutes of play! Otherwise why did you buy then? ...