Danelectro Long Horn Bass
Danelectro Long Horn Bass

Long Horn Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Danelectro.

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blizward 03/27/2007

Danelectro Long Horn Bass : blizward's user review


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Low made in korea
24 frets and an easel with a vintage minimalist wooden blade to adjust the string height.
a volume and tone micro


The handle is very comfortable and easy access to acute.
This leaves very baba is the significant weight, we do not feel so to speak, suddenly we feel grown wings. the neck is fairly narrow but it's certainly not for the slap bass: p
Furthermore, as the pitch is short, we get a very suitable instrument for a guitarist willing to try out the bass without losing its bearings.
I think it is almost a intermediates between a "real" bass and a guitar.


It's a bass that has a strong personality and is comfortable in a directory very old school, rock, surf, with its very characteristic of potato and a hell to pick. is not a low to knit long prog jazz solos, that either, but a low to jump around. It is very forward with his side Twang, punchy and twangy. fingers, the sound can become very soft and finer than many low against by the microphones and electronics prohibit passive sound more modern.
This is an unbeatable low in my opinion in a register but it's about a bassist in 1000 maybe.


that was my first bass, and as a first love that is never forgotten. I always have but I acquired from a fender jazz bass style that is still more versatile and more seat group. I use it always at times because I love its texture and light gives me wings. She also suffered assaults while a beginner bass player without flinching and my ear was formed with it. after 8 years together, I still love him.