Danelectro Long Horn Bass
Danelectro Long Horn Bass

Long Horn Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Danelectro.

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roman66 07/15/2007

Danelectro Long Horn Bass : roman66's user review


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Earlier, Korean, 24 frets, 2 pickups lipsticks. I think I have a new version since the bridge is worthy of the name, not a piece of wood ... 2 volume pots + tone, a three position switch microphone. Channel narrow.

But beware, the hardware is really cheap, I had to buy a half cord, the fender that I did not fit into the hole ... the mechanics are clearly those of a guitar ... to change my opinion ...


The neck is super nice, very fine, ideal for the guitarist who I am. Access to acute ... bin there are 24 frets anyway, what to do on bass.
Low light weight is the least we can say ... it's a little toy. Ideal for bass prey to low back pain!

The pots do a great job, he had to say.
The sound is much more than drinking a bass of this price! It was therefore a double surprise:
-The appearance and weight "toy" of the machine
-... which does not matches with the palette of sounds that can be drawn


I use it on an old guitar amp hacked on all sides. This gives a relic of its heat as well as the bass guitar. It's easy, I prefer my Fender Hot Rod ...
The selection of microphones is very well felt, Péchu the bridge, the velvety to the handle, well lots of shades in between. Good old rock with a pick, while the nuances fingers. Velvety total if you play the thumb ...
I like doing stuff with modern sounds to the old, so it's good for me. As seen against the narrowness of the neck, the slap must be very difficult.


Well, I've had two days, I know I lack perspective. Also I am not and this is my first bass bass, but the experience enables me to recognize a good sound anyway. Level and there old school, no problem, it sounds, thanks to these certaienement lipsticks.
Once changed the strings (delivered with ropes rotten!) We pass to the next level. I fell in love with the guitar ... Longhorn version the problem is that I'm left-handed. For those who are upside down like me, do not worry, the change is seamless, thanks to the adjustable bridge first. I feared having to take off the guide ropes ... oh no, Danelectro has everything, he is screwed. screwing and unscrewing so upside down, then, adjusting the bridge, changing strings (essential) and you're done. After that, you just have to find the right position to avoid rubbing the pots ... matter of habit, I'm almost ...
+ the light, the sounds and all its possibilities.
the - the inadequate mechanical, hardware very cheap, but hey, at this price ...

I think this is a low to keep warm at home, I can not imagine resisting the frenetic lives and transport ... she looks a little fragile this little beast!

So here I am with a bass - which I repeat is not my instruments, it makes me quite the case, but it's personal. I will say later if I would do this choice, but for now I'm in love ...

I will also try it with guitar rig via PC to see what happens, then I would give the new