Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass
Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

Ignition Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

frankyfroo 12/29/2012

Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass : frankyfroo's user review

« excellent bass for the price! »

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I ordered this from thomann bass in November and following a stock, I have received only mid-December and there, oh surprise, it is marked made in china above while everyone says that it is made in Indonesia (what you see on the photos thomann) good, a little disappointed from (yes I know, I boycott as much as I can the made in china but they are my personal opinions) I watch the beast, good, RAS, tweaks to refine type string height to fall, stick to straighten but everything else is pretty good, nice color and beautiful glaze thin enough, the key is finished by evil against and the frets are not finished very well either, once bilge radius but will do later because it is not bad at all; humbucker pickups are downright good, fairly quiet, it is even surprising, I had planned in the near future to change by real Hofner but there no need (whether it is not real HOFNER seen hiding underneath the plastic stuck in the microphone so that you can screw onto the holder or the real HOFNER are made in China or Indonesia ... but that we will never know, globalization is sometimes secretive ...).
It has a soul which connects the soundboard at the back table.
a switch "on treble" (with "bass on" to off) which cuts the neck pickup and filter some serious bridge pickup;
a switch "bass on" (with "treble on" to off) which cuts the bridge pickup and filter acute neck pickup;
2 switch off, the two microphones operating simultaneously
2 on it, nothing works
switch "solo / rhythm" greenhouse just a little lower output level set to "rhythm" pot full swing and "solo"
the two respective volumes of the neck and bridge pickups;
the strings are to change, they darken quickly fingers, a sign of poor quality
the wood is pressed against, like the one made in Germany or half box guitars known brand that cost much more, the quality of the veneer cons certainly below all these people but in my opinion, the difference its should not be so blatant


short sleeve nice if there was not this little problem adjusting frets which prevents sticking strings flush them under penalty of frieze;
ergonomics proven long ago with very good access to acute;
it sounds as soon as the branch but I think this bass is played with a pick priority, this is where it is strongest, you get the sound you want with it as long as is amp that goes behind.


microphones have a sound that I taped so they respond to the slightest touch of a pick but I have not come back yet
that the bridge provides a powerful, nervous limit "bad" if I can characterize as, j'adoooooore this sound;
that of the handle gives a round, warm bass very very serious;
but in any case, these sounds are really good at it sounds, I have a fender jazz bass japan and I can not have these sounds there, the hollow body is not foreign to the case c ' is safe;
In any case, this bass does not "gag" was like writing someone a little lower, it has a potential need only know how to exploit.
I play with on a personal amp, preamp all lamps followed by a 2x300W amplifier with an output that feeds a speaker with a 38cm personal and other personal output as another speaker with tweeter 2x30cm and I rule with compression an attenuator;
with it, it does not sound or cardboard or "gag", and that mind-blowing sounds of hell for rock, blues (and probably also pop but I do not play ...)


I've had only 2 weeks but I'm on it every day after twice already changed the strings to find my sound and redid the electronic part of the plate switches and pots with resistors 1/2w metal layers and condos polypropylene (cable originally with SMD components, yuck, that the dynamics of food).
the guys in my small group of "kiffent serious" as they say in jeuns, it gives a new direction to our sound.
I handed it round ropes nets because nets to those confined to the flat sound too vintage, too "beatles" which is a shame because it is a bass sounds very versatile round with nets, it has a biting the flat nets him away but I think it is up to you ....
considering the price, this is a really good deal even if the finish is not optimal, but if I wanted a perfect finish, I would have taken the model made in germany in 2000 roros, must know what the we want and not too low spit on the poor who hides his game finally.
To buy and consume without moderation, and also take the case to go with it.