Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass
Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

Ignition Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

LezardCelte 10/22/2012

Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass : LezardCelte's user review

« The McCartney Syndrome »

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Made in Indonesia, not in China, which is enough for me. The features can be read in previous reviews. Overall, it looks and feels nice. No rough edges on the wood, no glue drips or any other such blunders that you usually expect on an instrument at this price point. In short, it has that German look.


Short and adjustable neck. When you are used to classic basses, it's a bit surprising because the bearings are a bit different, but after a while switching back the other way around is disturbing. It's easy to get used to its ergonomic design.
In terms of weight, it's so light that it's a bit disconcerting.
I had a Rick 4001 and I had always the impression of lugging around a concrete block.


The sound is what I've been looking for 25 years.
Although forking out 2000 euros isn't that alluring.
It's round, warm and without too much sustain. I took up the pick again, yes, I did, don't laugh. That's the way it sounds best!
I play an old Roland Cube 100 or a 350W Fender Bassman TV (it's not mine, I don't have that kind of money).
Or connected directly to the console, for recording, with several plug-ins.
Its THE sound I wanted and now I have it. What should I complain about?
What about for slap? Well, no, it's to play bass, you know, that round and deep sound you can hear on rock and roll and many pop songs.


I've been playing it since February 2012. I put my other bass aside and now this one has become my favorite one.
First of all because it's beautiful.
And because, frankly speaking, for this price, I keep saying myself that in the worst case scenario, I could hang it on the wall as decoration, but no, it's incredibly easy to play and it sounds fine.
I love it. I often find myself just playing it softly, unplugged, caressing it. It's addictive.
The original strings are useless. I replaced them with Höfner flatwound and there's no comparison. They are very expensive, but they are really worth it.
I also changed the pots, to replace the hideous original black ones. And I removed the pickguard, unfortunately the small screw holes are visible. Although you can't see them 6ft away.
The tuners seem a bit cheap and they don't inspire much confidence. That said, the guitar stays in tune, but I plan to replace them with some Höfner, even if I have to do a bit of drilling.
It's obviously a must have for Beatles fans. It's a looker onstage. I know what I'm talking about: When I play guitar I use a Rickenbacker 330 and a 350, and it's similar, the nods are unmistakable.
And the sound...
I'll keep it. In a moment of madness, I'd buy another one, in black. To have a couple.
Just take a look at the pictures, guys.