Ibanez SR400
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cocobass 02/15/2005

Ibanez SR400 : cocobass's user review


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Audience: Beginners
Low 4cordes mahogany. Channel 2 octaves. 3micros. Active. 5 pots: low / medium / high. More volume and overall balance.


A good small bass my faith. I started with the MODEL and I have much trs happy for over two years.
The handle is nice, we enjoyed both octaves and has been ergonomically. As against it is heavy but good .. At this price you can l not have it all ... The shape is nice, simple but modern with plain colors and metalliss for most models.

As for the sound is pretty good. Trs is versatile thanks to its small active pre amp, you can have a lot of good sounds, although DIFFERENT from each other, the pots are trs reagents.
Now for a bass that will now cost about 200euros, it was not a round brilliant and the mediums are too pechus to my taste, to the detriment of serious ... I put all the time the medium rather low because they spit too. As for the rest I was pretty satisfied with it own trs.


I rather rock, funk, jazz and fusion ... It works well it is clear, even if his lack of size really.
The medium of extreme EHJV fact that nevertheless the precision. TRS is a good little low if you're not too demanding, so for beginners and medium level is good and trs trs most versatile! We can do everything with this machine as the large metal jazz.
I got rather sounds pretty fat, but when I wanted to slap the switch I really had nothing left behind at the scale of serious if I want a potato, too bad ...
Personal liked the sound with the tone was serious functional trs I find, but the treble blah ... The slap sounded really metric ... APRS also depends on the amp. I was playing on a Trace Elliot and I got when commando15 even have a proper sound trs when I was beginner.


I used this bass for two years and I changed to a GAL Jaccobacci 5cordes ... There's a world that is clear but it is obviously not the same price. I therefore strongly recommend this bass to a beginner who wants to make all styles and there will be using it explodes it is not especially well trs CHRE and sounds good on all amp types.