Ibanez SR500
mr_et_voila 01/14/2010

Ibanez SR500 : mr_et_voila's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
-Made in Indonesia
-Mahogany body
Ibanez SR4-Bolt, 5 parts by Jatoba / Bubinga (ask me what it is exactly, exotic woods I guess, at least it's not maple ...)
-Rosewood, 24 frets, elliptical markers in abalone
Bartolini MK1-Pickups
Electronics-active Bartolini:
A volume-
-A scale (to select the pickups) with a small notch in the middle to identify the
-A 3-band active EQ (bass, mids, treble). Again the knobs are a little notch in the middle, if you cut farm, if you open it boosts!
-Lightweight, well balanced for the game standing.

Generally there is not much to say about the finish. Despite the Asian manufacturing.
Like its handle very fine and very fast.
The natural wood finish is beautiful, on the other hand is pretty fragile, attention to belt buckles, guitar picks and Loved ... The mine has already taken a lot of bread ...

For a low of 600 euros is very good, I put 8 for the fragile veneer ...


Ibanez's reputation on race is more to do. It is an avenue! It is a highway! What am I saying? This is a runway!

Good ergonomics, the bass is light and well balanced. Access to treble to do without problem, and anyway, that exceeds the 20th square?

For settings, no need to have invented the warm water, two minutes we cheat the eq bass, and roll youth!

on the other hand, do not cut too low because the media quickly lose its punch, and careful not to put too serious for droppeurs, otherwise the bass string tends to clear a few others.

So 8 more!


I play mostly metal. They agree perfectly with this style. Currently she is fitted with huge strings (60 - 135 for pulling it seems to me) tuned in drop B. The pickups follow perfectly.

We can get heavy sounds very hollow. Or more precise, more slamming. What particularly emerges is the punch of the beast there. How to put as much punch in such a small body?!

In any case even on my Behringer 180 Watt combo that is far from great, it was not serious drafts, even down to drop A #. on the other hand if we want to saturate the big attacks, no problem!

on the other hand, if you love nice round sound, this bass is not for you! AhAhAh!

The bass has a tendency to curl hair if you let the original draft, but hey, I am a nag who plays with a pick I'm not too worried with the configuration I chose. And then just go back a little bridges, to properly adjust the handle and then voila. That said it is a shame because the strings are original Elixirs ...

Finally, I would like to respond to another review, I saw someone mention the noise from the strings. It is true that it's a bit strange disconnected. But once the bass plugged in it does not impact too much on the sound coming out of the amp and that is all we ask!

So 9, it is! Because I have tried many models in this category (Cort, LTD, Yamaha ...) and that is my favorite. Following is a question of taste!


I've had it about a year. I'm always happy.

Like his sleeve, he is really great, especially for my small mimine!

I am also appreciative of its punch. The active EQ is a real plus, I'm not getting hardly any adjustments to my amp, which nevertheless has a 7-band graphic EQ!

on the other hand I find really domage the fragile veneer.

With hindsight it is likely that I would have preferred his sister, the SR 520 which has the same features but is painted black.

So a very good value for a low mid-range for my taste differs from its counterparts from home or Cort Ltd.