Ibanez SR500
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mattdll 08/17/2005

Ibanez SR500 : mattdll's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I Submitted a small Coren, the replaceable SR600 (it's actually the same but has trs style to change the names from one year to another) . The SR500 features a beautiful mahogany body trs trs (too) lgrement varnish that gives it a discreet and refined. The key is in rosewood and black trs 24 jumbo frets are mdium. For the pleasure of bassist small fingers like me, Mr. Ibanez has built a handle end, screwed that encourages the long montes ranges until the second octave (read by the 24me box). At the indoor you will find is an active electronic micro and Bartolini MK1 active Bartolini gualisation a, a, no hum! The oil bath mcaniques come home and the bridge Ibanez mastoc which ensures a good sustain. In short the good stuff for the price. and in addition it is lgre!


The neck is thin and trs enjoyable for my little fingers that soufert many times on old school type handle Jazz Bass. The Drive speed, we start to weave a serious Młoda and feels, at once, or even lead to almost invite a few boxes down to a small chorus in arpges or tapping the Stu Hamm. Well, okay, when you attack the slap and tapping, a change of style Jazz Bass neck; dja There's a little less space, and then tapping in 24me box is hot enough. In both cases the only solution: it buggers and going alone! Just enough time to get used to anything. I play most of my set of scne to slap so it can be done! The sound is exellent, regardless of the setting for little is left of the knob mdium quiet.


For audio, it plays the really cool and she likes the slap and tapping, finger play flawlessly passes without being mushy and found her fast on its rglages trs DSIR. I use a Hartke HA3500 head with a 4x10 cabinet and I can tell you that was thrown in, the sound is crystalline and leaves plenty of room to put any kind of effects (I use aisment chorus, flange, distortion and Dlay). We obtain easily the desired sound. For my part I use the position for intermdiaire Micor, low and middle aige bottom and the middle, a ringing sound neutral but for what I like to play: the Stu Hamm punk, mtal (with distortion it sounds like Korn) and even the classic (you tried prlude in C Bach's tapping? trs good exercise, hihihi !!!).


Voil has been six months since I use it and I even sold my old bass! It's good for the price you sell Ibanez a. Prvoyez right even a flight case because its only black spot is his rotten polish you ruin your whole style of fine bass player when he bar. Prvoyez then a passage from your luthier prfr if the style "SRV" frighten you (yes, yes, go to the guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughan, it is totally destroy it and all of the same sonn long !!!). A word to the salvation and enjoy!