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Pat.Rick 03/05/2005

Ibanez SR800 : Pat.Rick's user review


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- Manufactured in Kore
- 24 frets, micro-MG E are simple with an acute type and a double precision
- The bridge is? In any case there is an opening that allows you to change the strings very easily
- 1 volume, 1balance, a button doule bass / treble, a double button vari-med for medium (1bouton to select the Frequency converter and lautre to fit)
- Handle is vic by four screws with adjusting rod in the head. The Silet is plastic, rosewood fingerboard (I think) and there are mechanical overlays nacrs.Les Gotho oil bath. Trs dove above the handle saplani lergerement extent that one goes in acute but is still very much dove
- The battery is housed all the electronics of the guitar, which is not practical to change the battery as it is absolutely necessary to unscrew the plate for access


- The handle is so small, small hands (like mine) will feel at ease right thereafter.A Once set, the handle is very enjoyable and we can deliver all kinds of activity chorus Ultra fast, slap and tapping the same!!
- Access to acute is perfect until the 22nd cargo is perfect, and the last two are a little harder to access anything even when available.
- Ergonomics is good and the bass is light and equilibren Thurs assi or standing
- Sound good but the volume is low (especially for a low active), but it ratrape well with all the adjustments you do what you want (I have never seen even on ca !!!!!!) an amplifier SHIT sonne.Mais that it said a lot of button also says a lot of trouble to find the son.Je does not say that it is taking on Symple head but my old Fender Precision that I have 2 buttons and to find his pants symple is 1 / 2 second Sufi, while the one must juggle IBANEZ regardless seconds before raprocher of his desire, I really do not short but it must know
there is a defect pointed out. I thought I would not be the only pleindre me of a manufacturing defect at the frets as tendense Most recent internship have a curl with a setting pointu.Ce problem can be repaired by a good luthier as "Olivier Kaufmann" (in Guadeloupe and now in NY)


- I'm an average musician who plays music very varied. It goes from Ragga, Rega, Compa and zouk in Blues, Jazz, Funk, Jazz fusion through the beguine rock and all this is that it plays as well variet.Et perfect glue is a versatile cela.elle " qu'trial "with all these reglages.j 'fond of slapping and tapping the stype Stanley Jordan, and frankly I took my foot with it. (For that price can not beat )!!!!!!
- I play on a small 20w Ibanez amp, or vieu Road 220 (+ 25 years) and currently on a peavey amp keybord 160 (not the deluxe) and yet it sounds a lot even when dessu . jOperation 8080 Zoom pedals.
- Is obtained earlier and bold percussive sound anything trs variable, it allows sculeter the sound you want, you can get very serious or very round rock if you want. Do not necessarily expect my Sonnora such as "Yamaha TRB6P" the other one is in a CATEGORY and has crystal-clear sound and end at will with a rich harmonic sustain. Elas no it is not for the SR800.Mais FLEXIBILITY is much larger than his last so-called + performance, its sustain is correct.
- J'aimme the fat and powerful sound with very Resonance can parasite.Ce I hate is that his time with a nickel and balance for me, there are resonnace in chorus, solo, and especially slap ca Menerva because I'm a fan of the JCUSH speed and dislocate some note perciste and if we do not stifle them properly.
Conclusion do not Demende too either! 3000 is a low fr and opussieres. we should ask him too much either, because I put it in the category of + 7000fr is by comparing it to such low level that I blame her lack of energy and these resonances ups.


- I use it for 7 years and I do not part with it
- What I like most is the sound. Because I can play on any amp I'll be at ease even when taking the time to find the right setting because in some cases it is necessary to compromise in terms of Frequency converter to push the amp to its limits volume.Ceci level is impossible with a Fender bass or other broad band without equalization / what hate is the lack of dough is not cruel jokes is horrible but ...
- I try romement low before the HT especially powerful model + (Warwick, Ibanez, Tobias, fender etc. ..) that's when I realized she was made to continue moi.je still have my test shop and I do not regret the SR800 anything I actually wanted the SR 900 Ht indisponoble so I opt for SDgr 800 is at the top. if we love we love
- The ratio quality price is its major advantage that you can not beat that price has
- Now I do not regret my choice though I did not try the 900 Sr is a idantique Diiron the wood species utilis.je tells me that it is for can be best revl

Off topic:

I must state that it is far more original. I made a change maker "Oliver Kaufman" (which is EXCELLENT anything terribly stupid to carractère) I change the painting and notament nut tailpiece of a Shaller that allows me to choose between a desire to Acerta the strings. Change the location of the battery and made accessible.
he also set my sleeve and shrink my frets acute. this subject I thought I'm not the seul.me pleindre of ca. in + I'll assume a ct closeouts because the paint was thoroughly Nik original tailpiece and the original bad fix these are points to check before HT. I concluded by saying that despite all these defects of origin I do not regret my hachat so if you do not fall on one end of the series ....