Ibanez SR800
Pat.Rick 04/12/2012

Ibanez SR800 : Pat.Rick's user review

«  Almost perfect »

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It was manufactured with Korah.
The plastic bridge was replaced by a model in OS.
The neck is fretted and contain 24 boxes. Key maple and the handle of it even ... I forget.
Micro are the EMG, which I do not know the exact reference that I have wanted to know.
The electronics is provided by the EQBIIs and has the following buttons.
Volume 1 (single)
A scale (micro or Micro Acute severe)
1 knob Grave
1 Acute knob
knob for a dual medium (a selector Frequency converter, and another to adjust the level.
The Vari MID.

I had mine equipped with a battery slot on the back of the bass almost underneath the bridge. Basically the battery is housed in the compartment reserved to the electronic bass guitar, disassembled it takes to change the battery. (Not practical if the battery loose in service.


The handle is adjustable, with Fretes size moyene earlier nice overall.
very end, the handle is rounded above, flattened and gradually as the have up to aquamarine, to provide proper access to the last box.

Prices are not related to performance. It rivals and surpasses much bass honnereuse. In short it is the right choice. I'd like to find it by 6 Strings.


It should have all the style, R & B, Ragga, Zouk, Reggae, Salsa, Bossa, Jazz, and so on.
This bass has a particular sound. Until then I never found it. I think electronics has much to do, because if there is a severe lack of power (compared to "Bartolini" sound suits me much. I have given dear for the sound of that on my current 800 SDGR SDGR 506.


I use it for good 12 years earlier.

I have tried many other low and never found a sound that in rappoche.

Ceq ue I prefer the sound remains. if not for the fact that prices are it is impossible to mieux.Le only gripe is that the model that I possess, in many manufacturing default. Bridge the tailpiece, damaged Certain frets (ratrapé mieu at by a luthier), the wood used, with imperfection ... Finally I just think it was an end of line. Despites all, I am never part. I hate to see a model without default manufacturing.

This is good.