Ibanez SRX500
Ibanez SRX500

SRX500, 4-string bass guitar from Ibanez in the SRX series.

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Leyo 10/27/2005

Ibanez SRX500 : Leyo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
SRX4 neck 3pc
Flamed Maple top / Basswood body
Medium frets
Accu-Cast B200 bridge (19mm string spacing)
PFR-N4 neck could
PFR-B4 bridge could
EQB-II DX 2-band eq
Equipped Elixir

Site ibanez direct shot.


The neck is super enjoyable! Ibanez for me is the most comfortable at the neck.
Access in acute plutt is simple but I've seen better ... I've seen much worse especially!
Even when its weight is Gnant when it was a moment of self but it does not sting the nose!
The sound is good, it's not the rolls but can be very easy to get a probe light, soft, like a heavy sound, low trs flexible on this point!


As stated above, this low trs is versatile, it suits me anyway (I play metal, Hardcore No-group)
I use a Hartke HA3500 amp VX4 + * 10, a killing!

I do not hardly touch the EQ of the amp, the Ibanez is easily adjusted and the amp follows aisment trs.

I play prfre fingers fast and heavy sound, I served with the trs SRX500


I use it for almost 6 months and I'm not deu. While it is not the best ibanez 4 strings with, but the report qualitprix is ​​excellent. It surpasses the SR and Ergodyne, struggling in its quality and prsence.

I love the sound, color! (I bordeaux red / black), its easy handling, and comes with elixir strings (nice). Are the least weight, between the location of the jack (attention has wedge the jack with the strap if you walk on it compulsory)

A report qualitprix dfiant competition, a good low-rev at good prices!

I referrer that choice without hsiter, that said, breaking the piggy bank a little over a j'orai opt pr Cort A4 (300 more!)