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vspector 05/13/2005

Kubicki FACTOR : vspector's user review


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Here, all that is really lon in a legal instrument for demanding pro. At a price of 2795 USD dpart Factory (May 2005 prices on site) for the basic version, it would be sen doubt. But some models o the benefit of their legends to show such rates, here we are in lefficacit high technology and modernism in the service of his. It's really the bass luthier.


The handle.
Its a round laminated (made up of thin strips of wood even staggered to avoid any game long term). It is superfine and trs enjoyable with this little detune the top of the slab that allows Mi jusquau R dsaccorder grave without the rope.
Mics: the Humbucking home, ultra versatile and powerful. 3 active positions, two positions that passive lon trs quickly forgotten, a stand-by.
The tailpiece: Modl home, place the bottom of linstrument, a system that keeps laccordage still intact, whatever the temprature or hours pass play. You can almost throw your tuner.
Changing strings is a bit physical, but once in place, it is said, was not moving.

The ergonomics are good as trs sitting and standing, despite its weight


I play in a cover band rock pop reggae, and this is low nickel in all styles. I often play on my amp, a Hartke 120, but on the other amps I've encountered have always been sound. I tested it in the studio with a DI, and ingnieur there is almost no input correction.


I have five years now. I had to be engaged for the first time in a cover band, I started looking for something more versatile than my old bass. I stumbled upon it in a store. Ds the time when I put the finger on it, a t hard to remove. Sure, it's an instrument a bit expensive buy it, but as they say in the Tontons "It's not something for everyone, the quality is, the price is forgotten!" De over the look between traditional and modern, albeit a bit 80s, in fact the bass for idalie quon by filing notices you and especially the sound.