gora herria 10/15/2013

Music Man StingRay 4 : gora herria's user review

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mine is a natural color visible on the profile of my friend lepollack 1978
2-band EQ that I find much more effective than the 3 bands I do not know why
may be this is due to the shell of the EQ


no ergonomic body on models of that time: the back of the bass is flat it isn Escaloper and it is more than 5 kgs a good strap is needed then, but it poses no real problem with it is its muscular character


the sound is StingRay: It growls is inimitable and slap it's the holy grail


I use this bass for quite a few years I tried a lot of bass with a lot of Zikman but I must say that pleasure is even better on these old ladies
most: the sound and the
least: I would say the weight, but even I like to feel that this is a low Hats
thing I like least about the other type of low