Postmortem 08/02/2014

Music Man StingRay 4 : Postmortem's user review

«  it speaks for itself ... »

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Hello to all! Good first review on this bass. Although eight years to condense ... I drooled over this low ... voila ... a dream to me ... and I am totally disappointed ........... nan kidding it rocks!

More seriously, musicman stingray made the U.S. version rosewood, 3 EQ bands classical myth (yes I say this bass is a myth).

21 frets without saying bullshit ... micro classical MM although that has received an upgrade, it is equipped with the Delano vintage found on the classic series ... it's not displease me.

Bolt-on neck stuffed sustain and happiness.


So me I'm a basic warwickien (thumb 88 and German corvette (must specify)) suddenly I am a regular 24 and 26 frets ... so the it is true that I miss it a little but seriously stingray ... a thoroughly low hellyeah!

The ergonomics are great ... I play very loud and the bass is perfectly balanced.

The weight is not a problem I'm used with Warwick (my back insult me ​​all day, I assure you).

Access to acute is correct ... but my opinion it feels that it was not designed for that.

"Gets - it is easy to sound good?" ... It is a serious issue .........................?


Well ... the interesting part!

I'll call this the low low cunning ... why tell me - you? It's simple.

I take the beast in hand and plays a bit empty ... yuck! I said "no!" ... I plug in my ... wham tatane facies!

I play markbass little mark 3 with a 2 * 10 Genz Benz and a 15 * traveler markbass home ... oh my god my zicos hate me.

So I played in 4 metal bands (I love metal? ... But what will think you see ...) and play a lot of funk next ... I'm interested in everything in general I put a point of honor.

She goes everywhere with ... against the grain musicman is everywhere ... not to hide ... but honestly who would hide it huh? ;)

Setting mediums is the magic knob ... it does not get enough? No need to turn up the volume ... a shot of mediums and is drilled.

"What sound do you hate?" ... But it's over the questions at the "beep"?


I've had a little over a month ... I have the American dream in my hands ... To have two other very good bass I can not find better but different ... it's very typical (like warwick) and it's just ... exhilarating! Constant happiness that does not let you. In fact she learns self control because we just always want to push.

Price / quality ratio? ... I did not try to negotiate ...

I just pointed out ... it is unforgiving ... she does not let any mistakes ... it forces to work believe me (that you ask).

If I do it again this choice? ... Guess ;)

Ah yes ... what I love the most? ... There MusicMan marked on the head ... the groove machine!