Tenrolff 04/20/2014

Music Man StingRay 4 : Tenrolff's user review

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This is a Musicman Stingray 2001, rosewood fingerboard and 3 eq. I've had it for 6 months.
I do not include me on the features, it is a legendary bass.


The grip is nice, and access to acute is easy enough. The unvarnished handle is very comfortable, I love the feeling when touched.
The electronics are super efficient and easy to use.
The bass is relatively heavy (unless my ibanez but more than my warwick) but the balance is perfect so it is bearable with a good strap.


The sound is really nice, very modern and powerful, this is the kind of bass that sounds great even with the knobs of the equa 0.
The active electronics are very clean.
The bass is versatile, I played mostly funk and funk-rock.
Slap is happiness.

I played with a markbass (little head 3 mark and baffle 121H)


I've had it for 6 months before selling it to test another model.
This is a very good bass that I recommend.
The value used for money is good in my opinion. I sure did not do this choice with my current taste.
Before I would have put my warwick 9, but in comparison I do not put him 8.