Peavey Milestone 3 - Sunburst
Peavey Milestone 3 - Sunburst

Milestone 3 - Sunburst, 4-string bass guitar from Peavey in the Milestone series.

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MGR/Rob Smith 02/20/2004

Peavey Milestone 3 - Sunburst : MGR/Rob Smith's user review

"Peavey Milestone 3"

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The peavyey milestone 3 is a great bass guitar with a beautiful sound it is light weight for a bass and extremely easy to play also you dont get fuzzes when it is plugged into an amp

the only thing i dont like about the Peavey mileston 3 is that the wood dents very easily and is quite weak which has ment that where i have been plugging my lead in and removing it the input jack has been tearing away from the body.

it is put together very well and has a sleak shape although the body is made out of a weak wood.

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