Peavey Milestone 3
Peavey Milestone 3

Milestone 3, 4-string bass guitar from Peavey in the Milestone series.

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MGR/Ba$$boy 06/19/2005

Peavey Milestone 3 : MGR/Ba$$boy's user review

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I was getting bored with elecxtric guitar, as it was too normal, so i bought milestone from my local dealer. I was very impressed with it, and it was an extremely reasonable price(£120 second hand)

I love the jazz neck, especially near the lower frets, it just feels amazing. the tone is great, and the pickups are simple, yet they sound fantastic. its very good at coping with knocks, and is a very good touring guitar. its very easy to modify, as the wiring is relativaly simple, for instance, i am replacing the scratch plate and pickups, and getting it sprayed at the moment. Finally, it looks amazing and plays well too.

the wood crumbles fairly easily in the screw holes of the jack socket, therefore letting the jack become loose. i dont even think i have any other bad comments about it, its a definate great buy!

the body is very sturdy, and mine has take a real hammering from me, in the boots of cars and thrown around rooms (not literally!) the neck feels fabulaous, and the guitar is generally great to play. its also very light, so is good for younger players.

its is a great buy and a definate bargain. it will suit everyone from beginners to experienced proffesionals, and the build quality is fantastic, the neck is great, and the guitar looks and sounds great!

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