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eminent2000 07/16/2014

Peavey T-40 : eminent2000's user review

« Weapon of mass destruction »

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Everything has been written in previous reviews. Mine has a rosewood fingerboard.


See other reviews.

It is indeed quite heavy, you need a good strap. But it is perfectly comfortable to play with.

The neck is thicker and rounder than the one on my Luthman, but you get used to it.


The sound: powerful, brilliant, particularly rich in mids but the lows rock as well, the amp always asks for mercy. Imagine playing a bass equipped with the strings of a grand piano or a Hammond B3 (the real one, not a clone) ─ that's the T-40, more or less. A very full sound, very vibrant, percussive and rich in harmonics. But also very versatile, depending on the settings: With the neck pickup and a bit of EQ you easily get a huge but very muffled sound, like Jah Wobble.

You can watch on Youtube a video showcasing the different sound possibilities this bass provides, and how to use it to imitate a Precision, MusicMan or Rickenbacker. That's all very interesting, but this bass always has a particular sound. That said, I don't intend to sound like Chris Squire playing with a pick, but with the "Rick" setting you come pretty darn close!

I have a somewhat run-down 4*10 cab with a speaker that crackles if you play a bit loud, at least with other basses, but not with the Peavey, even at the same volume. Always that harmonic richness, I think.


I bought it right after a Yes concert where I was blown away by the sound of Chris Squire with his Rickenbacker. It had more mids and harmonics than with his other basses. Reading different forums I discovered this bass, which seems to be the closest to a Rickenbacker and it is highly praised (although there are people who don't like it...).

The word "awesome" is a bit trite these days but there is no other way to define this bass. Big, beautiful, heavy, dense; the output level, the sustain and the sound: It's awesome. Compared to my Luthman Jazzette, it's like driving a Land Rover and a sport coupe.

You can find it easily on Ebay, it's a great American vintage bass at the price of a secondhand Fender MIJ. The cherry on the cake: You won't go unnoticed on stage.

I love my T-40!