Squier Affinity Jazz Bass
Squier Affinity Jazz Bass

Affinity Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

sp7 08/02/2005

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass : sp7's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in China
21 frets
2 jazz type pickups
easel type jazz bass
3 knobs: volume 1 Tone 2 (1 micro)


The handle is correct
access to the treble is not aisbr trs /> is missing a thumb rest
this bass is slight
the sound is quite correct: it is sufficient to gain high input with bass and treble equalization by reducing the mediums and reduce the volume knob in the lower to avoid saturation of energy depending on your attack strings;)


The sounds are suitable for my game though they are not varied trs
I lower the adjustable mediums of the amp or the table and I ride the highs (the slap)
acquired with the sounds are acceptable to slap a passive but a lack of slamming.
the game is made to the finger.


I use it for a short time (one month)
I tested it on a Hartke amp and a table layout for recording mackie
the sound is pleasant without being like a real jazz bass but with a good sound setting is nickel
I have not yet done so with so ...
report quality price is right (about 300 euros)
Even when I dream of having a real jazz bass US