Squier Affinity P Bass
Squier Affinity P Bass

Affinity P Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Precision Bass series.

Gallagahn 12/11/2006

Squier Affinity P Bass : Gallagahn's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Okay, so it's a low entry level, so the features are far from dream ...
So it has the basic strings, the bridge, the handle (screwed), a wooden body ...
Simple and rustic.
22 frets, two volume knobs and one tone.
Nothing fancy, that's it.


This bass is an ironing board: bulky and heavy, I developed a surmusculation the left shoulder.
Then, at the ease of playing, it is very cozy enough, the spacing between the strings is rather large, and the action is a little high, but it's playable ... lagrasse Access to acute is .. . shall we say, accessible. I'm comfortable on this kind of configuration, so it suits me ...
Well actually, I did not notice a major drawback (if not the weight), changing strings is not peinible, the connection is reliable (no problem), what it's solid.


So this is the main element, how this bass sounds?
Ben has a sound of shit ... let me explain my setup was so concerned with the bass amp TB100 torque and it would say I was playing in a cardboard box ... Especially when the day I ' I played with a guitarist who had a Dual Rectifier and it was realized that with his scratching he had more serious presence in the classroom than me ..!
But otherwise I'm in a draft electoral and suddenly I plugged this bass in my computer quickly to a sample of bass line quickly to see Ben ... what was my amazement to go that even without treatment was the sound of the Guell.

So this has the potential low level sound, nothing special, but it's clean.


Okay so who says cheap low low said ... necessarily cheap, but the coup was a good ben solid, no complaints especially for its price because that is the key driver of the acquisition of this low It is cheap ...

Well I am separated, because I adopted her older sister, a Mexican fender jazz bass, ben good change is not huge for a global perspective, it's just that everything is still more ...

So this bass is made for what it is done and done well, but no miracle of efficiency, if it is your budjet to guide you, well, buy this, you will have much time to make hand and move on once you are rich.

As for competition, well when I had purchased (new) was the best value for money (for a 5 string) and I think it is a good chance for it to be more .. .