Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s
Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s

Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

*ARNO* 06/23/2014

Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s : *ARNO*'s user review

«  good bass to start and progress »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Beginners
manufactured in Asia, the bass is well finished ...
For feature live internet, and in general, we do not dwell on the characteristic of a low at this price, we know what it is and where it comes from!
good for the price, it's perfect but it's still cheap as anything else comes from Asia!


Super nice handle and glides well, really great to start, it progresses very quickly.
The micro lacks a bit of potato but just turn up the volume and it keeps a very clean sound.


I play on a Hartke 100w transistor without problem group, concert or rehearsals.


I have this bass for about 4-5 years, I am more bass guitar, but I really like, so I bought this instrument internet and good surprise, easy to play, set ... I had to other low as Ibanez ATK that was really good, sound level but harder to play!