Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s
Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s

Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Jazz Bass series.

YuriW 07/21/2014

Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s : YuriW's user review

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My one has a basswood body with a very well made polyester finish, C shaped maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with white dot inlays. It has two single coil pick-ups, one volume knob for each of them and one tone knob for both. Chrome hardware and that cool tortoiseshell pickguard. It looks exactly like the american model, if it wasn’t for the name on the headstock no one could tell the diference by looking.

I am not really a bass player, haven’t used it in any serious gig. I use it mostly to produce videogame soundtracks at my home studio (because there I can always fix stuff later :) , so have played some diferent styles with it. Needed a versatile bass for that and bought one from a friend when he wanted to upgrade his setup.


This bass is very ‘easy’ to play: its light enough so you can play it for some hours before feeling it’s weight (get a good strap, it makes a huge diference!). It is also very ergonomic, no weird corners bothering your forearms or belly while playing. If you use your strap in a reasonable height it is very easy to reach the high notes. I also like the neck, it is a bit thinner than the precision basses, if you also play guitar I think it’s easier to adapt to this one, but if you like to play those superfast slap lines a thicker neck might be better.

The vintage style tuning machines do their job well and the whole instrument is very well built and finished.


I think it sounds really good and close to its original american cousin. You can go from funky lines to walking bass to sabbath with the same instrument, adjusting only the pickup volumes and the settings on your amp. More of the bridge and you get those nice high-mids that can make you be heard in a loud rock band, more of the neck and it gets fuller and smooth for some jazzy lines. Its pretty cool to explore how many possibilites you can have with only three knobs - and maybe a pick if you like them to play bass.


This combination of versatility and price is absolutely perfect if you're looking for a first instrument (or a first bass if you already play something else) and don't really understand what you want from one. It is also absolutely worth it to invest in an instrument like this: change its pickups, for example, and you’ll have a bass that you can probably keep and get great sounds of for the rest of your life.

But even if keeping an instrument for the rest of your life is not your plan, you can still learn and do a lot with one of these Squier Basses. I really wish that the cheaper instruments where this good when I started playing.