Squier MB-4 Bass
Squier MB-4 Bass

MB-4 Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Modern Bass series.

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MGR/Ben Bourgeois 02/01/2002

Squier MB-4 Bass : MGR/Ben Bourgeois's user review

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I recently purchased this bass through the Musician's Friend website. I was looking for a good beginner bass and this one had all the features i was looking for. I paid $179.99 for it, and shipping was only about $15.

The MB-4 is a great starter bass. It has both a P-pickup and a J-pickup, making it good for different styles of play. It is extremely light--lighter than most of my friends' electric guitars. The neck is fairly slim and is easy to play on. It has 2 tone knobs and 1 volume knob. The paint job looks pretty good, mine is cobalt blue metallic, but it is also available in pewter and black.

The pickups don't offer much tonal range. No matter how much adjusting you do you usually end up with a dull thud, which is not unbearable but annoying. That is my only real complaint about the bass, but it's understandable at the price.

The bass seems to be solidly built. The neck bolts on with 4 bolts but it still seems sturdy. The springs under the pickups are pretty weak--I tried to raise the pickups and only succeeded in taking out the screws. The strings rattled a bit but I raised them and it's fine now. Overall, it's a well made bass for the price.

The MB-4 is an excellent beginner bass. The price is great for what you get.

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