Squier MB-4 Bass
Squier MB-4 Bass

MB-4 Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Squier in the Modern Bass series.

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MGR/Jeremy Read 01/21/2004

Squier MB-4 Bass : MGR/Jeremy Read's user review

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My dad bought it for me from a local music store called Pecknel. I think it cost $180-200.

I really like the finish. It is called Pewter Grey Metallic with a Rosewood fretboard. It is unique and I was totally suprised at how nice it was. It has a P/J pickup configuration that produces nice tone. The neck is nice because it isn't really thick or thin, i find it good because i have small hands.

I really love this guitar. Call me biased because its my first but i love it. Its not the best bass in the world but i love it. I dont dislike anything about it.

The bass is really sturdy. I've crashed the neck against the wall a couple times and it hasn't done anything, it hurt the wall more than the bass. The guitar didn't even go out of tune. The neck is connected to the body by 4 screws and it is rock solid.

This is a good bass with overall great tone for any beginner. Its probably one of the best starters in my opinion.

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