Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick Corvette $$ 4

Corvette $$ 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Corvette series.

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Mouloud Holywood 08/16/2011

Warwick Corvette $$ 4 : Mouloud Holywood's user review

« Beautiful wood, beautiful electronique »

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Value For Money : Excellent
German made high quality.
I have a version with 4 strings
*... An exotic wood handle (ovangkol I think) 34 ",
*... 24 frets on a key Wenge,
*... Swamp ash body
*... 2 MEC humbuckers with a high output level,
*... 2-piece Warwick Bridge
2 + 2 *... mechanical oil bath
Preamp with a *...
-....... Volume (pull to switch to passive)
-....... Micro scale,
-.......cut/boost serious
-.......cut/boost acute
-....... A micro switch for use in single, double parallel or double serial
*... The lock strap to hang a strap
*... A nice bag + original maintenance kit.


What struck me first is that it is beautiful!
You may say that I pat a little on the navel, but it's been two years that I have and it still gives off as much nobility and charm.
Why? Because it is wood.
It's not you tell me a scoop, but now you can tell because the bass is not varnished. We are dealing with polished wood and oiled. We can touch, caress, see the fibers.
In addition, oiled ash colored honey, ovangkol more fibrous and tough, which is naturally dark wenge and ultra hard and resonant dark chocolate, it offers a harmony but also a variety of touch and color.
In short, what I'm getting at is that the handle is not only fun to play, but just to touch.
It's stupid, but a low one wants to cuddle, there is often and it helps to advance: o)

What makes it even better is that the body is smaller than the massive and pervasive Precision Bass, rounder more sensuous. It is also more original. I like.

Then, the bass is fairly well balanced. I did not notice it leaning here and there. The weight is reasonable, but I have a good template there so maybe I'm not sensitive, o)
Is accessed fairly sharp in my opinion there but I confess not to go more often because I like the big boxes.

I bought it used, then it was set to the hair. But any store can do this if you can not do it yourself. The bridge is adjustable in all directions.
I store and transport in hard case, so that despite the change in temperature or other, it never goes out of tune. I check before each performance, but it has changed as a micro hair b. .. beard!
A bass that is the tuning (which was not the case with my previous low-end) is important.

On the thick rope, I fitted a mechanical Hipshot detune with a small lever to shift in D of E in 5 / 10 seconds. It really is a gadget that allows extra on stage to chain without wasting time.

The preamp output level is quite high.
It is easy to overload the preamp stage of the amp where it connects if it is not cut to accommodate a Warwick.
To study, I have a small combo Fender Rumble 30-watt tilte in less time than it takes to premature ejaculation to take leave of Adriana K (Pierrot thank you for the formula!)
But if you want to connect to the modest hardware, just to calm the monster by putting the switches in a central position (single microphone) or by taking the volume to switch to passive mode.
Not a breath or a crack in electronics: super quality.

After reading other reviews, I see that some have experienced reliability bp (lock strap, truss rod). Mine has no problem.


Easily obtained a sound, the sound is good.
on the other hand, was it whatever you want, must see.

The EQ is very effective and micro switches offering multiple combinations very different palette of sounds is impressive. There is a serious one hears with his chest, midrange and treble you hear with your ears and you hear a great energy with his belly.
There are so many sounds available, and one could say this bass very versatile and flexible.
But one thing that is not versatile at all is always found a big power, a desire to vibrate.

Sometimes called "grain" or character "angry".
It may be that the instinct of life is known as ...
According as we played with the fingers, the bass can cuddle the public or his stick a big stick of dynamite in the belly: o)
And as we play over the neck pickup, or above the bridge pickup, the sound is still changing.

The only downside is that even if one understands half of possibilities in 5 minutes, it takes time to feel the second half and although the master product.
But it is also a richness that makes you never tire of it.
This is the kind of low that couples with an amp that amplifies, and that's it. It is the instrument by which the sound.
I found good associations with Genz Benz Shuttle and TC Electronic HR.


So I for 2 years and I used a lot.
Before, I played on an entry-level and Musicman loan for 6 months.
The corvette $ $ plays in the courtyard of the Musicman.

She is beautiful and has a very efficient mail.
Bought 750 euros, its value for money is excellent for me. Looking back, I jumped at the chance again!
If the key store price € 1400 I think it remains a good deal. Especially since everything is negotiable; o)
If it again, maybe I'll try to find a model with neck-through rather than screwed to improve sustain.

I tried many things in the store before buying, but it is absolutely clear the lot for me ...
The Musicman I liked too, but they are much more expensive.
Yamaha TRB1004 also had more standard sound, but the look of the Warwick gives it a distinct advantage in my little heart of bass wood; o)
The US Fender Gibson or other less over me, and Ibanez.

I think it's an instrument to try that place in the myths of bassists.