Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick Corvette $$ 4

Corvette $$ 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Corvette series.

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girulo 03/09/2008

Warwick Corvette $$ 4 : girulo's user review


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It's a nice little German Warwick acquire a superb two-part adjustable easel in all senses (Aesthetics is the bridge trs treats with "W" etched into it and Moreover, all the bass exudes high-end finishes in the care of) but strangely there is no floyd . this bass has a volume knob splitable to be able to put in the passive as active (which can save the day was a failure pile in the middle of a repeat). By active, it has a potentiomtre volume, one of Tone, a boost for acute and a boost for the bass. passive in that it no longer has the volume knob and Tone and kings slecteurs three positions that are also active. The handle is a bit weird but I got TRSA: it is flat to the acute and trs bomb to the head. it is composed of three parts of ovangogk but are so agencies that it is hard to see the view when a sparations in touch is perfect. What may be surprising to beginners is that the handle is as dark as the key, but this is not a problem at all. The bass has 24 boxes which is very practical for the solo crazy. except that a bass makes no crazy solos ... ^ ^


The handle is rather odd but enjoyable trs. As I had a second low APRS trs aria old jazz, the handle seems to me "bucheronnesque". And it's true also that it is not a mad dpart simplicity but rock a little nervous, it is very well. Access in acute is very well think I have nothing to say (I'm even trying some small solos alone in my room, but the effect is rarely perfect: I am not a great virtuoso). gnial the body: the shape is versatile though plutt versatile rock ... The body is lightweight and pokey what is pleasant. the shape of the horn suprieure looks a bit like a ... Finally, voila.
Getting a good sound is quite difficult: the plug. ^ ^ Srieusement more I use it mainly passive and I think she has not a patch trs especially when I play alone. However it sounds trs group well (I play with a ibanezien and shuffled well.).


I play hard rock and this bass is perfect: it sounds gross rock but not heavy. the slecteurs are simplistic to use: at the top: slap and funk in general; the very bottom: the rock from ZZ Top to Pink Floyd as the tonality and a more soft rock: there slecteurs the middle: it is not life grand?
My amp is a Hartke (bass kick 12: I highly recommend it elsewhere: very strong and it sounds great with this little corvette (like a rhyme with shrimp) and I have only r Gler the legalization for the DSIR and the button's shape as well. I do not use effects.
I like all the sounds of this versatile low trs (Mrs. Russ year I get jazz sounds)


I use this piece of art for a year (I started the bass two years ago) if I took it because I had no ide that wanted a nol and I flashed it. I tried to feel good by trying other basses but in vain. I am much this low of a purely Aesthetics but in the end even when it is necessary to play a little hard on the strings to have beautiful sounds. I believe that this low blow APRS was not worth its price too: it is true and it is a real book in hair (other post will tell you better than me) but it does not worth 1000 euros that I have dbourss: it suits me well but however before making this choice I will look more closely on other models (including the arodyne splitting