Warwick Corvette $$ 4
Warwick Corvette $$ 4

Corvette $$ 4, 4-string bass guitar from Warwick in the Corvette series.

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kinder_guano 03/07/2007

Warwick Corvette $$ 4 : kinder_guano's user review


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Warwick 4 string bass made in Germany with a gross chtite mouth between her silky tones and microphones impressive.

- Swamp ash body, tinted matte black and oiled, leaving really show the wood grain.
- Bolt, laminate ovangkol 3 parts, oil finish.
- Diapason 34''
- Key wenge, 24 brass frets mediums (specialty Warwick), no marker button (but marks are present on key).
- Mecas oil bath Warwick.
- Output jack.
- 2 huge blocks M MEC passive. Large humbuckers with a fairly high output level.
- Electronic active MEC: Volume, blend (mix the microphone neck and bridge, with a small hard spot convenient position in the middle), 2-band EQ active bass and treble with center position.
- 2 mini 3-position switches (one for each microphone): down, winding in series, split the middle position with hum-canceling, in parallel with the winding position.
- 9 volt battery in the electronics compartment, the plate can be removed without tools to access the battery.
- Bridge Warwick two parties (and adjustable in all directions!), Black like the rest of the hardware.
- Adjustable nut too, but it is not the good old brass is used (I loved the strings sounded like fretted), but a self-lubricating material (graphite?)

Bought a few days after the obituary of my Fortress, I&#39;ve kept a month. When you buy by mail, always ask the seller to pack, so that the bass does not move one millimeter into the flight and loosen the strings! The Fortress of my trussrod snapped because of it, impossible to do on the spot, at the time of signature of the carrier bl <img border="0" />

In short, after 200 km to try (and buy it in the wake), I finally have a new chtite Warwick ringing.

The fit and finish are excellent enough sober! The woods, like hardware, breathing quality is formiveilleux!

I forgot: it comes with a kit adjusting keys (the key trussrod is huge), a manual of 250 pages (all of the Warwick, in a dozen languages).
A cover luxury Warwick, all the papers of the beast (warranty, serial number, signatures of the techs who bossé it throughout the manufacturing process) and the special wax Warwick.

Base, it is equipped with Warwick Black Label strings 45/105.


The handle is thicker (capacity) at the junction with the head, but it does not interfere too much. This handle is not too late (as opposed to the SR500 Banez, for example) or too thick (heuuu, the Stingray that I tried).

The shape is that of all the Corvettes, very ergonomic (stomach and cutting to let the forearm). But access to acute is not fantastic. Well, for what I play in the 24th box, I tape a bit actually.

The weight is really good, it is in the category of low light, not like the Corvette Bubinga which must be heavier than a Les Paul as my Fortress Ni maple.

The knobs are not too close to the ropes, but quickly accessible, impeccable.

However, given the size of microphones (width and height, with these pads impressive) b&#39;en there, it can be a pain in the ass.

They are placed very close to each other to enjoy the "sweet spot" where the strings vibrate when the best and harmonious sound the best (from Warwick).
Pilepoil where I used to play with a pick (so we can already see traces of Med &#39;on the neck pickups) pilepoil where I work laboriously to slap / pop on the "pop" my fingers bump against the same microphone. Not too much problem with the game on the fingers, but sometimes I accorcher from time to time on the pads. I&#39;d have a bit more down the microphone neck. Damages, offset by a big fat inch toward the handle (or just plain like the Mr. Bongo), there was no problem.

Boarf, I begin to get used much, but clearly there is less space than the eternal J / P.

I think this bass is balanced, as my Fortress, however, and just never felt the sensation of head leaning down as others have felt, whether with the Fortress as with the Corvette.

Details con, it takes the agreement (this was the case with my Fortress, not with my Ibanez SR500)

Added 08/03/2007: over time, as this bass is always a real lightweight, as I love its sound, as I find the handle uncomfortable: rather chubby on top of the handle, then damn wide and with this damn not really natural flat along the handle. Damage, the touch is excellent, however.
The two blocks are arranged so MM really annoying, they are definitely too close to each other. To be safe, when I play with fingers, I always positioned between the microphone neck and neck, but it&#39;s painful. They should be spaced to my little fingers.


A vacuum is fairly snapping. Certainly due to the strings recently asked. And also the swamp ash body
The sound is more bright and vibrant with the SR500 I had.

Hop on the branch (preamp Ampeg SVT-Pro, two to three effects pedals, mixing desk and PC for now).

With the possibilities offered by electronics, this bass is much more versatile than its mouth to let gross thought!

The pickups, although passive, do not blow, unless the abuse of the treble boost. Quite normal.
Corrections electronics are super efficient, the midpoint on the knobs are welcome.

Micros series, we are left with an incredible bite (also without saturating an amplifier is not for big pickups guitars metalheads!), A dynamic and accurate welcome. It sends the large
In series, the micro bridge is scabby, micro neck is quite round and full of dynamic.
In parallel, the sound is softened, much less bleeding, we end up with more roundness and warmth.
Split, the overall level down, but not dramatically. And then even more softness and roundness.

By mixing the pickups, the combinations of coils, buffs, we are left with an incredibly rich palette of sounds! Yeah, his mouth chtite raw hides a truly versatile low indeed!

Added 08/03/2007: I&#39;m still crazy sound of $ $!
This bass has made me addicted to MM pavers. Superior dynamic range, a sound goes with it. Of course, this is not an avalanche of bass, it is more prone to deliver meds and high treble. But it catches up very easily by pushing a little low boost, without abusing it.
Snapping sound quite naturally, we can obviously adjust the EQ with two bands, which is effective.


I did not really buy the Corvette $ $. I had spotted the rascal, but did not have one day.

I found my bass with the Fortress. When she let go with my budget, it is the Corvette $ $, a MM SUB or, b&#39;en ... Banez one or a Cort.
But I&#39;m so broke with the Fortress, and so much shit with Banez, I turned this mark of my list.
There remained then the SUB and the Corvette. Not even had time to try the SUB, the $ $ after a quick test me more.
Too well, since I&#39;m starting to really love the design and of course the sound (yes, with Warwick, I preferred the F. .. I know, I&#39;m heavy with the bass).

Added 08/03/2007: Over time, I am far less euphoric. Blame it on the handle, which really does not suit me, but hey, it must be due to my morphology of shrimp, and available microphones. For the rest, b&#39;en is always a very good bass.

Added 01/08/2010: Resold ... I&#39;ve never done or the handle or the location of the microphones. In hindsight, no, I do not redeem.

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