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Jael 11/10/2006

Yamaha BB2000 : Jael's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Japan, Low 80's, Violin superb!
band with original pickups and passive electronic
2 pickups: JB and PB with industry manual for PB alone and PB + JP JP only
knob gnral volume and bass / treble
round conductor of great quality!


The handle is gnial driver, very enjoyable and very fast guitar quo towed my friends have amuss restsmduss are with the quality of the handle
Access to acute right but rather as mdium / serious in my game ...
Very good ergonomics, simple and effective rglages
The sound is good with the original pickups. Your sound is mostly in your fingers;)
I changed the pickups for rcemment Benedetti more dynamic.
And the mga SON !!!!!!!!!!


I rather play jazz, fusion as well (miles davis electric) and it is truly all-terrain!
Moreover, after many attempts, I have always this low after 20 years. I tried a lot but it is truly unique in its register and warm sea.
I amliori the instrument with two microphones and BP JB Benedetti. It sounds really hard now! ) This now I play on a Little Mark II head MarkBasse and a 4X10 Eden Nemesis. Mass murder (see overall opinion for this low rcemment modifications)


My bass for almost 20 years
Beautiful instrument (the price era FF 7000), which is largely known amricaines 15,000 bullets! (I tried)
Excellent qualitprix
Choice again without hsitation!

Update on me: I have done this low dfretter by a luthier in Marseille (pub: for people of 13, go to Olivier Chaix for all your maintenance guitar and bass. This guy is magic!) because there is little up with my microphone Benedetti, I felt she was totally without express freight ..

Bingo! I waited one month to do this work Olivier. In addition, he gave me a mountain knob to mix the bass and treble pickups. I come home to try the machine. I put my hands on the stick and magic, hear the sound I had in my wildest dreams. Dj empty, she sings alone. I plug the fine on a simple guitar amp. The sound of a first time! A grain, wood .. monstrous. The ITS Jaco but really "roots". In blind tests, it pushes all the vintage jazz usa 5000 e more. Olivier (the maker) could not believe it. Cettte bass is magic! I tried several times to sell it but strangely, I had never taken the plunge .. Now I know why!