Yamaha RBX170
Yamaha RBX170

RBX170, 4-string bass guitar from Yamaha in the RBX series.

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micka78 02/25/2008

Yamaha RBX170 : micka78's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
- Low produced somewhere in Asia ^ ^
- 24 Frets
- Two single coil pickups: micro precision bass style (in the neck position) and a micro jazz bass style (in the bridge position)
- Three knobs: Volume, Tone and Balance of microphones
- Bolt in maple, rosewood fingerboard


- The handle is a pleasant one: accurate, fast ... It is fluid, it looks like a highway (I exaggerate, but maybe that's what I feel in contact with this low ...^^)
- As I said earlier, it is a freeway, you get much to go where they want. Easy access to acute
- The head is really small, being accustomed to a low type Jazz Bass, I was surprised that it floats in a bag "low". When the bass, it is extremely light! From the first tutorial, I wondered if I was a superman ptdr ...
- A sound "easy", standard I would say ... Versatile, you come to a bit of everything on it (I did more rock, I slap too ...) After, I could not tell you about other musical styles ...


- This is ideal for low what I do musically.
- I play without effects (for now ...), a 50W amp ...
- My preferences are the clean sounds very low to heat and light to stand out from other bass instruments ...


- I have this bass for quite a few hours ... It may seem early for a first opinion, that's why I give "hot" ... I complement this notice in a moment when I should be very familiar with.
- I love the fluidity of the handle, the speed of play against the other, less like the microphone is in the bridge position, not yet used, the game is still enjoyable with the right hand .
- I wanted to buy an Ibanez GSR ... 5-string, but, unfortunately, too expensive ... I was told that Yamaha instruments was not great, so I left a bad opinion of entry lol. But finally, I tried it and the current is passed ^ ^
- A price / quality ratio right. Should, I think, a budget standard for those seeking a tool quickly.
- With experience ... Yes, why not