Boss GT-3
Boss GT-3

GT-3, Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar from Boss in the GT series.

warlus1 08/08/2011

Boss GT-3 : warlus1's user review

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Everything has been said.

Note the presence of an "input distortion" foreign controlled from the pedals. This allows you to use your favorite distortion as if it were a distortion of availables in the GT3 and operate it with one of the buttons on the pedal.

PS: This is the second boss pedals GT (the first being the gt5)


Very easy to use.

Those who tell you they are not doing should not be computer savvy either!

on the other hand, get to the sound you're looking, that's difficult and it takes time because there are a multitude of parameters to be able to change the parameter and the information displayed on the screen are not transcendent (the name alone does not allow us always to know "Why this")

There are several version of the manual (simple 40 pages to 173 pages long)

Some changes have no effect on the sound (that one is a combo or a stack)


The sound is not as good as the separate pedals, it is clear that there will never be the same sound of pedals 32 for only 400 €! ! !

The modulations are sufficient, the distortion is not all useful (you will end up always using the same: the blues, and disto1 disto2

The reverb and delay ... blah blah, it makes his job but does not say "wouawwwwou, it's great."

The amp simulation: While there, many users did not understand what is the point: it is not a simulator but a preamp, so use the GT3 as a pre- amp (thus linking to live in the fx loop of your amp) to realize that it works well! ! ! on the other hand, as a simulator (to save on a PC or put it in a mixer) that either!

I bought it the day of its release, this is my first multi and I do not regret it.


Swiss Army knife a foot that will vout many services but not worth the separate pedals.