Boss Guitar multi-effects Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    I got my Boss ME-50 at guitar center for USD 299. It is a pretty decent price to pay for a great multi-effects gadget. The best thing about the ME-50 is that the sound is not digital. It doesn't sound fake. You can get feedback sounds if you wa…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT-6"


    I bought this multieffect-pedal one year ago in an Guitar store in Hamburg-Germany. Ipaid at least 455€ for it. I bought it because I didn`t want to have thousends of single pedals. It is an digital unit, but the handling is as easy as if it was an …

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    I needed a good multi-effect processor, coz i can't afford a whole load of stomp boxes, and this seemed like the best alternative. Bought in Matchetts in Belfast for £200, plus £15 for the mains adapter Really easy to use. No menus to wade through, …

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50 Multiple Guitar Effects Unit"


    I bought this from musicians friend for about $300. I got it because I just wanted a whole bunch of effects for a cheaper price than buying a lot of individual effects. I really like the fact that this multi-effects unit makes almost no noise. All …

  • Boss GT-5

    Boss GT-5 - "Boss GT-5"


    I got my boss GT-5 in thoma okaze, down in Ghent (Belgium). I was looking for a multi effect processor and this one was a second handed one for only €325. Well if you have the right combination you can have the most clean sounds ever, without any zo…

  • Boss ME-33

    Boss ME-33 - "Boss ME-33"


    Bought on e-bay for $130 brand new. The actual sounds of the effects being used is excellent. Everybody knows that Boss pedals are top of the line and I've owned a few myself. I've been using a DODFX-7 for about 6 years and for a beginner it's been…

  • Boss GT-3

    Boss GT-3 - "Boss GT-3"


    Bought this unit brand new at a local music store. Paid about $500 canadian, which is a very good price. Reason for buying it: i needed something a bit better than my Boss ME-30, which was kinda cumbersome and limiting. First, it's -versatile- as…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT6"


    I bought this unit at Andy's Music here in Mobile Al.(also available at )for about $395. I play guitar for a rather large church and I needed an effects processor and amp sim. that could handle the large variety and styles of mu…

  • Boss ME-30

    Boss ME-30 - "Boss ME-30"


    Purchased the unit at alocal music shop in Edmonton, Alberta. I paid Around $350.00CND I was using an old Ibanez effects rack but it was beyond repair, I use to play in aband but I no longer do and I only require a toy rather than a durable road uni…

  • Boss ME-30

    Boss ME-30 - "Boss ME 30"


    e-bay $30 the wide range of effects and sound possibilities its digital so there is no feedback it is awsome it has a library of diffrent effects you can brows through and mix it also has a phase trainer which kiks ass over all this is an aswome…