Boss Guitar multi-effects Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Boss GT-3

    Boss GT-3 - myriam63660_en's review


    - a great bunch of effects UTILIZATION - Présets configuration is really easy. There's is also an EZ edit for even more quickness. - The LCD screen and the effect chain diagram are well designed: in one look you see the active effects SOUND QUALIT…

  • Boss ME-8

    Boss ME-8 - "Boss ME-8"


    Given by my uncle since he's retired from music. This unit is awesome. The effects are great and totally user-friendly / easy-to-use. I don't even need the instruction manual the first time i operate it. Almost suitable for all music genre. The dist…

  • Boss GS-10

    Boss GS-10 - "Boss GS-10"


    I aquired this unit at Guitar Center in sunny southern CA. Paid $395.00 for it which is very reasonable. This is the ultimate Boss processor.Bar None! The amp modeling (COSM if you will) is a lot more realistic than in other G models. What really is…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    I found this little number on for $296. they gave me free 2-day shipping on my order, and it arrived in pristine condition. I love the effects. that's exactly what it's for. its design is simple and relatively easy to figure out, so…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT 6 Guitar Effects Unit"


    Purchased over Ebay from private seller in Chicago, USA Updating from Boss ME 5 effects unit. I paid $400 U.S for the unit. Everything! Has so many effects which are preset and can also be modified by the user. Patches can be downloaded from th…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    $290 in a store in mexico i LOVE this baby, it has a lot of distortion types to chose from, delay is really accurate, and it is perfect for me, i play industrial rock so i couldn`t ask for more i dont like the switching delay (even though i never r…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    UK - £225 At last no more mounting my favorite Boss pedals on home-made pedal-boards with power supplies and leads all over the place... this unit has it all in one neat solid package. I walked out of the store and thought I had finally the answer …

  • Boss ME-30

    Boss ME-30 - "Boss ME-30"


    I got this piece of heaven at the GUitar Center in Ohio used for a little under $100.00 Man this thing is sweet. I was a big fan of the Boss Metal Zone pedal but was looking into getting some delay and wah going on. So I did some research and liked…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor"


    I acquired mine for the usual $399.99 at AZ Music in Phoenix, Az. Everything, built like a tank, easy to operate (DO NOT READ THE MANUAL...go to, effects not seen on other pedals ie: defretter, bass ( A REAL SOUNDING BASS), mo…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT6"


    I bought it in Mexico, it costed me around $480 so in USA it must cost a lot less This unit is amazing, I've just bought it a days ago and a don't regret a bit of buying it, it has a whole lot of effects, amp models, distortions, we'll you wouldn't …