Boss Guitar multi-effects Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Boss Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Boss GT-3

    Boss GT-3 - "Boss GT-3"


    got it from and out of state friend ... the diff. sounds i can be able to play . no info with the unit ,,,no manual .... oh its like new and cont. is to the fullest ... i think it will really be a nice unit if i can rec. a manual for info on how …

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT-6 with COSM"


    I bought this from MusiciansFriend for $400 The range of sounds you can produce with this processor is daunting. It is possible to adjust almost every parameter of each of the effects you are using and save all the settings to one pedal. The BPM fea…

  • Boss ME-30

    Boss ME-30 - "Boss ME-30"


    I bought this unit used because of my budjet and love for different sounds. I needed a effects pedal that would put out for a couple hundred bills. guess what I found it. Heard lots of bad things about the ME-30. "it doesn't give me the sound I want…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    I got my wonderful BOSS ME-50 at one of the local store where I live. I was looking for that all wonderful effects proccessor that could do everything (for around 200 bucks). This thing only cost me $220, and to tell you the truth it was the the best…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT6"


    I bought mine in a lochal music shop and it cost me 575 ying! I was fed up buying separate stompboxes that were costing me a fortune and needed a multi effects unit that was gig worthy and good enough for recording. Unbelievable range of distortion…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME-50"


    I bought this unit in a local guitar shop for € 290,-, because I wanted a multi-effectsprocessor. I like absolute everything about this thing! It has the ease of a whole row of stomp-boxes right at your feet! I really don't like the wah.. Every eff…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT-6"


    I purchased my GT6 from Sounds & Systems in Kenora, ON. They had to order it in which took 2 and a half months! Haha...but it was well worth the wait. I did a lot of research before i made the decision of purchasing the unit. I ended up paying CAD$62…

  • Boss GT-6

    Boss GT-6 - "Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects"


    I bought this at a pawn shop for $275. It's a joke to me because the people there didn't realize how much it wa worth. It was used a bit by a guy who needed money quick and had to sell it. GOOD DEAL EH?! The various amounts of effects in this puppy …

  • Boss ME-6

    Boss ME-6 - "Boss ME-6"


    i was at my uncle's place playing some acoustic stuff with him and the kid who lives in the next room (learning guitar) brought out his new gadget coz he thought it had something to do with guitar.turns out his father got at at a garage sale coz i th…

  • Boss ME-50

    Boss ME-50 - "Boss ME 50"


    I bought this unit at Mary's Music in Clarksville, TN for $295 tax included. I am an old rocker and I have all the Boss/Roland gear. I have extensive Boss pedals and a Roland 501 Space Echo. I got this unit to try out becaue I like the sound of Bo…