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Bourretapipe 01/14/2003

DigiTech RP200 : Bourretapipe's user review


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Modlisation processor / multi-effects processor for guitar - 10 simultaneous effects - Modlisation modlisation acoustic amp + compressor + + + wah guitar modlisation micro + chorus + phaser + flanger + trmolo + + pitch shifter detune envelope filter + + + analog time limit rverbe + Leslie + whammy effect, etc.. - Completely programmable - 3-band EQ - Rducteur noise Converter - A / DD / A 24-bit - rhythm tracks - Chromatic Tuner - Power supply included - Stereo Output
No implementation twelve o'clock so no edition, loading, etc ... via a PC.


Trs simple configuration since 'we adjust the type of amplifier, the gain and volume via the good old potentiometers. The edition is sound in the same way that avoids fears of a malfunction of the keys to use. In short you should get away without problem. The manual is clear, in French and even downloaded from the Digitech site.


The quality of the simulations is simply excellent for a camera of this price. I have owned more expensive units that sounded much worse. The number of adjustable parameters for each effect is equal to the number of pots but sufficient in most cases. Fun, Ya Exlusive effect the brand, which allows you to play the Peter Frampton. Pretty cool as the simulation of acoustic guitar as it does not hit the bluegrass also very useful, Rhythmic module which is a bit too quickly described as a rhythm box. THIS IS just a few patterns to work or his Rhythmic lines, no fills, intros, etc. .. The quality of the kit is still good trs.
I would add just that, as usual, the presets are a little "loading" effects and they spoil some first impressions of those who love above all the amp tones without artifice.

Guitars controls: Fender Start pickups US origin, Ibanex EDR 470, Fender Tele Mexico S. Duncan vintage pickups, Aria PE Speciale ....


The weapon idalie for beginners or any guitarist looking for a while not complicated for a nice price. All effects are included with the module in addition to Rhythmic work efficiently. The quality of speakers and amp simulations can play with the sound of a chain or headphone, which will provide the ds beginners to invest in an amp. Furthermore, its 24-bit converters allow you to use in your home studio without any problem of breath, etc ... All for less than 1700 bales is the price of 3 pedals!

RP 200 Posed for: 1 year

Materials possds before:
70's: A transistor or more generally, anything that has a hp
Annes 80/90: overdrive and wah pedals, boss I know what GE, Digitech RP-5
2000s: Boss GT-3