NablaMetal 03/03/2011

DigiTech RP250 : NablaMetal's user review

«  Very good value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
This pedal is a processor modeling guitar amp. It can therefore mimic some amps, and especially to create through a whole range of adjustment and its effects clean amp.
It can therefore presets for each (120 in memory it seems, finally has it right not need as much, do not worry) edit his sound. Namely:

-The type of distortion
Its type-amp based
His-3-band equalizer
Its loop-effects
Its delay-
-And other stuff.

Regarding the effects are all (several types of reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, and less common things like a variable pitch). There really and in all good show, very good qualities.

Delay for loop, same (analog delay, digital, stereo delay ping, etc.).

We can tweak the pedal or with software to build the sound you want and save it. Add to its sets of sample battery (there are 5 or 6 styles with 5 variations in each style) + metronome.

The pedal is also equipped with a WAH pedal (which can affect any effect, delay volume whammy or other)

The two football selectors used to navigate from one preset to another (previous / next)

The frame is metal and is robust.

Small defect, apparently common among Digitech: no switch (must be disconnected or put a power strip with switch)

In short in these characteristics, it's a great item for that price.


If the characteristics are very good and can do lots of things, the setting is more difficult (this is the price to get the sound you want)

There are already 60 preset rules to play directly, but they are there to demonstrate the capabilities of the pedal for full use. And my tastes, and Dual Rectifier Marshall imitations are very far from the original models.

However, taking his time we can find what you're looking (but really taking his time). I recommend however to have an amp "clean" to connect the pedal on, it's not a frontman 10w you have something clean.

The manual is clear?? I dunno, I'm not needed.

Although the pedal has a switch and a headphone amp / mixer, I strongly encourage you plug it into an amp or less clean, otherwise the sound is a bit misleading. In passing the pedal features two mono outputs to use the ping delay.

Note that by Sort this out a bit we can get a looper for five seconds (with digital delay set to max, then playing, then adjusting the repetitions from 99 to 100 and finally, turning the knobs presets) c is not much but for this price there is bonus and I must say that I'm using it a lot.


The sounds are pretty good when the rules. I play mostly metal but also a lot of rock, funk or blues? And for all these styles should pedal. Even the metal that has prirori seems hard to reach (the presets are average metal) can give good results.

I sounds really approaching the chlidren Of Bodom or Sonata Arctica. Just be patient.

I plug the pedal on a line 6 spider III 15w, which has its own fairly flat, but the coup transcribed much pedal and guitar. However do not expect to have a portable sound at will, because according to the size of the room as the amp and there are chain-end sound is profoundly changed.

So for the scene is bof (unable to pay) on the other hand for home, it really is nickel, it can open opportunities that would not with another amp (the wah is also good ).

One small problem: you can not stack as many effects as desired: effect + reverb + delay + max wah and not Effect1 effet2 + + reverb + delay + wah.


Very good pedal, which has the force of setting can really make your guitar sound (provided you have an amp behind minimum quality)
I recommend you whatever your style if you have a budget so limited.

I use it for 2 years I think, and I'm not complaining. I do it again this election, but now I have more sensitivity and musically I'm going to upper water (dual corrected: p)

Excellent value for money.