n_fly 03/11/2007

DigiTech RP250 : n_fly's user review


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Effects: everything you can find on this type of machine with the added feature drums and whammy.
All available effects and amp simulation / Hp and various pedals

The whole is more ditable PC or Mac via USB cable.
Conection output L and R mono or stereo, headphone and guitar.


Config super simple for those who have already had this type of gear in the hands.
Editing sounds different sounds made by this simple knobs
English manual but downloaded in french on digitech.com


Halftones are impecable I had a ToneLab is and I admit that the simulations are the best RP250
The effects however are a bit disappointing for some as the whawha the whammy on the other unnecessary (too gadget)
That said I flange chorus vibrato, tremolo suit me very well.
The digitech is used with a telecaster or a PRS connect to my amp all lamps or PC.
The multi-effects egalemnt is coupled to a delay and a Boss DD6 wha crybaby535Q


I've had men qques weeks now I mainly used for live or repeated effects (type flange, chorus, tremolo) and not for the simulations
The simulations men I used on my pc for recording.
I had a lot of machine hands but that is of good quality: strong, lightweight, practical and above all cheap.
The price is more honest because I found it on a 160 plyback
I remake that choice without considering the price too hsit and qualitbr />
Voilou ....