Froideval 04/23/2009

DigiTech RP250 : Froideval's user review


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T says it all (see the manufacturer's website for dtails).


I personally use for computer music and suddenly I use the software for the PC edition to make changes to the patches. In this case it trs simple, convenient and effective! In fact everything is under the eyes and the mouse.

Directly into a PC I recommend "mutate" simulations of Staff (select "Direct") and use a "real" simulator columns (like Palmer). So we move the bees a good sound quality with Palmer.
My connections:
Gtr-> RP250-> Palmer-> sound card in my PC (from Mic) -> Cubase SX3


I do not use effects like modulation (only wha-wha are not bad). The pedals of expression in "volume pedals" is useless because I think the sound is too numrique (effect of pitch) ... but it is a dtail for me ... in any case.
In terms of amp simulations, it is really good! They are well balanced and the frquences are good and do well in the mix. The simulations are also pedals distos trs good and effective!


I've had a few days and I am delighted. I possde lot of simulators (POD xt, Black Box, Sansamp GT2, V-AMP2, Zoom G1 as well as VST and Amplitude Rig type etc ...). I must say that through my music and my Systm are the pedals and multi effects the most "cheap" that give me the greatest satisfaction ... is - say the Zoom G1 Digitech RP250 and ....
I bought the RP250 to occas' and I recommend it highly. I do not know if I would use it live or in a group but when it is working computer music I am more than satisfied! I'd even tried to pay me the story of RP500 have more simulations as they seem in General for quality.