ishamator 07/14/2008

DigiTech RP250 : ishamator's user review


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Multi-effects pedal with 60 "patches" factory and 60 user-editable patches.
PDAL based on a 24-bit technology AudioDNA2, which has a USB interface to connect a PC, a jack plug 1 / 4 "Stereo Output Jacks by 1 / 4" headphone jack (1 / 8 "), an auxiliary input to connect a CD or MP3 player. Intgr Tuner function and" Bypass ".
There is also a rhythm box with 60 different rhythms (rock, blues, mtal, jazz, country, hiphop ..)
9v electric power transformer only (supplied in the box) There is no switch for on / off, to stop the pedals should unplug the electric power! The USB connection cable is not supplied as standard.
The PDAL is complte trs in a housing mtal solid.
Easy to use if we handle this type of adjacent pedals, is branch and we play by the different patches dfile by footswitches.


The configuration seems complicated at first, and for those who have not dja an exprience of this type of pedals (Zoom 707II, Zoom G1, G2 or other KORG ..), it is better tlecharger free X-Edit2 editor of patches from the DigiTech website, install it on your PC and connect the pedals with a USB cable. For each patch, all rglages displayed and can be modified with immediate effect.
Edited patches can be stored on the PC and / or stored in a memory 60 of the pedals, the user Reserved. There is a manual in English and in French also are basic but usable and comprhensibles.
The use of X-Edit2 editor may require the updating of Prior "Firmware" from the pedals. This opration is relatively simple, but can sometimes rvler dlicate.


Extras sounds, the amp simulations and effects on offer are trsralistes.Trs quickly we can get the sound you want. I use a Gibson SG Pro Team microphones Burstbuckers
and good old US Fender Start, and in two cases the personality of these two guitars is preserved
What is INTERESTED in this pedals is that the user can choose the type of guitar pickup he wants to modliser sound. Thus by choosing single-coil pickups in a patch I can simulate the playing on my Fender Gibson SG! Writ of Jimmy Page and Stevie Ray Vaughan by way of Angus Young and Van Allen, we can all (or almost!) Couraging with the pedals.


I use it for two weeks to replace my ZOOM 707II me loose.
- Editions patches from a PC.
- Modlisation amps and cabinets and speakers PA trsrussie.
- Choice of types of guitar pickups (Single coils (SC) or double coil (HB) for
- Case in metal.

- No switch for off / on the electric pedals.
- Last day of "Firmware" from the pedals ncessaire before using the patch editor.

Of course, the pedals is not everything, but for the price (paid 150) is an excellent deal.
I would do that choice for me.