artycho 11/23/2009

DigiTech RP250 : artycho's user review


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Everything has been said ...
I use it in computer music on a Mac, no problem. The publisher is Xedit.
I even used a sound card in time (!), While also installing my home studio little by little ...


XEdit very clear, even for a beginner.


Cool effects, realistic, I grind a lot of sound from the guitar, keyboard or mic.


Used for 1 year. No other model tested.
Rather beefy hardware, in expression pedal for a touchdown not great, but hey, y 'one.
Good finish (plastic solid, nice pedal metal)
On all day in config sound card, no worries.
A shell, no switch ON OFF! strip connected with inter ...
At that price, it's the ball! I was planning to buy a pedal, and with my budget I found myself with an expression of USB and more!
Yes, I will redeem it without problem.