MGR/Anonymous 03/05/2004

DigiTech RP50 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I bought it from a local music store for $70. I bought it because it is loaded with pretty cool fx and amp models and other cool stuff.

The effects in the RP50 are great, there are tons of different fx, like flanger, phaser, wah, auto wah, ya ya, volume, swells, octaves, rotary speaker, panner, pickup selector, sustain, compressor, chorus, detune, ping pong delay, analog delay, digital delay, the delays can go from 001 to 2 seconds (an ok delay length), harmonies, eq, and a bunch of reverbs. Some amp models are rectifier, black face, fuzz, acoustic, high gain, short stack, clean, overdrive, and a couple others. There are 40 presets and 40 patches where you can save your own tone. Pretty good fx processor for only $70, now it is $60! Also, it has an expression pedal input for the wah, volume and pitch shifting, it works if you plug in a volume pedal.

The only thing bad about the RP50 is that it is made of plastic, and the small arrows from which you select things start to not work after a while, you just need to push hard to get them to work once you have had it for like a year.

It lasts even though it is made of plastic.

The Digitech RP50 is a great little effects unit if you don't want to spend some big bucks on the more expensive stuff like the GNX3 or GNX4. It has some really good fx too.

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